About Us

Who Are We?   

Established in 1977, Prospectors not only has survived, but also thrives as one of the Premier business / networking clubs in the Greater Kansas City area. Representing a number of businesses and decision-making individuals, Prospectors reflects the thinking - the experience - and the successes of its membership. The number of individuals who are in their 10th ---15th --- or more years of membership further enhance the Club's basic values of honesty, integrity, independent thinking, and self-motivation that leads to mutual support among all our members.

Prospectors Mission Statement

A group of individual business leaders, owners and executives brought together for leadership, fellowship, and business associations. Prospectors promotes business growth through using the highest ethical standards and integrity. Prospectors encourages active participation in civic and community affairs for the Greater Kansas City Area.

Learn More

If you would like to visit a meeting or learn more about the club please contact Sean Felton at 816-258-3774, or email him at DrSean.Felton@gmail.com


Membership Application  - If you are interested in being considered for membership please complete the application and return it to a Board member.