Amy / Chase Ashurst

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The Rye Studio
Address  :  230 Main St.
    Stillwell, KS 66085
Phone  :  913-317-8682
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Type of Industry :  Photographer
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The Rye Studio is a high-end local photography company that specializes in high school senior portraits as well as weddings, families, pets, babies, etc. Without being too flashy, we provide quality photography that captures the honesty, soul, and playful side of our guests. With The Rye Studio, what ya see is, and always will be, what ya get!

Personal Bio-Data :

Amy is a graduate of KU with a Bachelors degree in communication studies and a minor in psychology. Chase (her husband) has a BFA in Theatre Performance from CMSU (now UCM). They are a great team. She is the photographer; he guides them to find the perfect shot for their needs. Together, their personalities and people skills allow them to make an honest connection with their clients to create a lasting relationship. Amy was also a KC Brigade Dancer for three years while the Arena Football League was running, and Chase has been a local film / voice-over actor for the past three years.

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