Darryl Hawkins

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Innovative Design & Renovation
Address  :  2 West 52nd St.
    Kansas City, MO 64112
Phone  :  816-531-2221
Fax  :  816-531-2221
E-mail  :  Arkitec35@aol.com
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Type of Industry :  Architect
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Specializing in Historic Renovations. ...from the ground up is easy (done that in over 42 states), with existing building renovations it requires special creativity applied strategically, with full understanding of when a building was built, who built it and what skills the tradesman at the time the building was built. The only architectural firm nominated for Small Business of the Year three years running. Darryl won the President's Award for 2010 from the AIA (American Institute of Architects). We don't charge for that first consultation, coming to your place, listening, taking pictures, taking measurements, then following up with an e-mail on our thoughts, along with price points. Our fee averages almost 1/10th the fee of a typical small architectural firm. Always hand made in KC. PLAY + BUILD + LIVE

Personal Bio-Data :

Darryl is a self proclaimed INVENTOR + ARTIST + EXPLORER, Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University; one semester at University of Illinois (Versailles, France) Master's Program; Eagle Scout, Philmont - 1978. Art Scholarships; Car racing (1st Place, C-Stock, SCCA - 1996). Sailboat racing - currently on a crew on Weatherby Lake. Recently married with 3 kids. A piano player and ex-mountain bike racer. Resident Artist for the Urban Core Group. Currently writing a book on his passage from South American back to US territory on an off shore racing sailboat.

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