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“Technology is my passion…Technology is my hobby…Technology is what I do best!”

How many of you remember using this phone with a short cord that everyone else heard you talking into? No privacy. Speed dialing meant dialing the numbers fast! Easy to coordinate with your décor because it was one color – black.

Boy have things changed. Now we expect to call anyone anywhere in the world, and be connected almost instantaneously. Our phones now have more power in them than the entire Gemini space capsule had when it went into outer space. Life is currently different today.

And we are so grateful to have someone to guide us into the newest generation of phones and services. It takes a true genius to be able to keep current with the latest technologies and features. We are so fortunate to have Vivek Dayal of Phonetech Communications as part of our network.

Vivek was born in New Delhi, India, and lived there the first part of his life. He comes from hardworking parents and siblings who have been very successful. Vivek is no different. He recalled his childhood that was filled with curiosity and awe. He was constantly tearing stuff apart and rebuilding it, trying to make it better. Much of that included their telephones, and the wiring around the home. He also had balsa wood planes with motors that made them fly. Lots to tinker with.

Vivek came to the US in his younger years, and graduated college with an eventual MBA in Finance and Computer Science. He started his employment in the food industry, and learned to treat his employees with respect, like he would want to be treated.

His first real job that mirrored his education was helping develop a fax network. This was when fax machines were just being introduced. He eventually raised several million dollars and took the company public.
Once he accomplished this, he became a reseller of long distance services, partnering with all the major LD players. He eventually developed a flat-rate LD product. He was working for another company, and realized he could be getting the benefits by working for himself. That is when Phonetech Communications was born.

He did his due diligence, finding markets that were paying 80% more for long distance being maybe 10-15 miles away. He helped develop programs to facilitate businesses and farms to make this much more affordable. Soon neighbors heard of this, and others signed up for the service. To this day, he still sells broadband voice services.
Vivek helped us realize that the world is changing – a shift in ideas is happening. The largest taxi company doesn’t own a single taxi – Uber. The biggest phone company owns no fiber – Skype. The largest room accomodations provider does not own any property – Air BnB. The largest news provider is not a newspaper – it’s Google. And the world’s most valuable retailer owns no inventory – Ali Baba.

These changes will be mostly seen in the next 5-10 years. Business as we know it will have a totally different shape and form.

50-60% of our businesses will be working in the Cloud. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is heading there too.We will be creating software as a service that will help us automate, simplify, and provide better quality services we use.

For Vivek, when he heard other companies telling their clients they had a 99.1% to 99.8% chance their phone services would be interrupted, could your company service be down for 1-3 days? Not in today’s world! For Vivek, failure is NOT an option.

For him, he wants to leave this world a better place with the companies he’s touched and the way that we do business. He said – “Technology is my passion…Technology is my hobby…Technology is what I do best!”

We are so fortunate to have someone like Vivek to be there to answer our questions, and give us the vision for what lies ahead as we all make future decisions in our lives. Thanks Vivek for such an enlightening and inspring vision ahead for us all.