Featured Prospector

The Man, The Myth, The Legend……….

It’s so rare to find someone whose reputation proceeds himself. To have the fear of God rattle your every nerve. Someone who is confident, secure, ready to face whatever challenges come their way. One who is looking forward and never looks back.

Last week, we stood in the light emanating from one of the best in his field. Yet a person humbled by core family values and a proclivity to gain strength from his experience from life as a whole. That person who challenges himself every day is none other than Chris Pickering of The Pickering Law Firm.

Along with his daughter Margot Pickering and a team of associates that support them, they reach out on a daily basis to help, comfort, and defend.

Like a huge oak tree, the strength of his roots reverts to his younger days in Iowa (farmer’s country). He did not realize his learning abilities being cultivated by just learning to swim and care for their local swimming facility, from cleaning it to managing it – he was true to what his heart was telling him.

His earliest life lesson came from his swimming coach who taught him - if you worked hard during the week and practiced hard, this work would pay off with a win at the swim meet. 3 words helped describe his success – “Preparation, preparation, preparation.”

In his younger high school and college years, he held numerous jobs, from pool manager to pizza maker, clothing sales, a weekend cook all resulting in his more adult life, landing a job as a law clerk in law school, and a move to Kansas City as a clerk for a top judge here.

We learned a lot about what he loves and cherishes in life. He loves dogs – ALL dogs – whether they are his or someone else’s. And when he talks of family, he shows his pride in seeing how his children have grown into young independent women with 3 very different skill sets. He looks forward to sharing time together with his family in Georgia whenever he can.

And you couldn’t go without the mention of his lifelong love of music and rhythm. He has succeeded in playing last week with his mentor that taught him about music. Came full circle to another life accomplishment.

He could have not been blessed with all these wonderful moments without the hard work and grit it took to study and earn his Juris Doctor degree and now serves Lady Justice in his law practice he shares with his daughter. What a proud father to share and mentor her in learning the profession he loves so much.

This all comes full circle to learning about Chris the Lawyer. As mentioned earlier, Chris served as a law clerk under a judge in Kansas City that brought him here, seeing what judges were like from their perspective. He learned quickly what served him later in his practice when you present your case, to “tell both sides but to always explain why I am right”. You do that because your reputation as a lawyer means everything.

He started in Intellectual Property Law, and grew to handle Product Liability cases, and Insurance Defense challenges.

As he became more learned in his own skill set, Professional Negligence (doctors / hospitals), this led him into splitting from a partnership and opening up his own practice. Along with all of the above mentioned areas of expertise, he now loves helping businesses handle work-related disputes, from non-completes, shareholder disputes, principal employee disputes, breach of contracts, and what is needed when forming a business model. Chris really feels at home with the journey he has traveled and is now in a position to share his experience with those that need it most.

So, in conclusion, (as attorneys say), you never know how valuable a person serving the law is until you need one. Whether you’re the Plaintiff or the Defense. Be sure you take time to have a conversation with Chris and learn what you can do now to prevent what life may throw your way. Thanks Chris for all you do for Prospectors, the Club, and us as individuals.