Featured Prospector

If Money is Made of Paper, Doesn’t That Mean That Money Grows on Trees?

This week’s story is really all about Mother Nature in its most raw and vulnerable way. We see her in all her beauty every day, but really never acknowledge it. We drive by them or walk under them and don’t really give it a second thought. We are so used to seeing trees all around us, we don’t even think about them taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen for us to breathe.

They provide shelter, shade, fuel for fire, wood for building your homes. But when they are sick or damaged, you need a professional that knows his stuff in order to make them better for the future. And of course, whom other than Felici “Phil” Giordano, and his son Nick, both of Grade A Tree Care Services.

Phil grew up in South KC, and began working for other tree service company at a young age, doing that for more than 16 years. He began getting asked to trim some trees on the weekend (neighbors, cousins, etc., and earned a fair amount that he tucked away for a “rainy day”.

From that, he began a small company on the side, and continued. In Oct. 1996, we had what they called the October Surprise – record breaking snows that hit while leaves were still on the limbs of trees. Thousands of trees cracked from the heavy wet snow, leaving thousands without power, and many with tons of tree limbs blocking access to their homes, and damaging cars and trucks. That’s when Grade A Tree began !!!

Phil has steadily grown Grade A into a strong business in today’s KC market, and in 2014, they purchased a competitor and moved to Martin City. Their team now is one of the best!

This past 18 months has not come without challenges, both business and personal. The hardest battle he has won was watching his son, Nick, work through amazing medical issues and eventually getting called to tell Nick they found a match for him to get a complete lung transplant, as you know not an easy task to take on. But God is grand, and to see Nick last week with Phil showed all of what skilled doctors, lots of prayer, and a miracle here and there can accomplish. Glad you’re back Nick!

Phil reiterated what many of us already knew – that the support team offered by being a Prospector has been the impetus for his continued growth and success. Phil recalled so many great and memorable conversations with Mike Darby, a bit of a mentor for him. He always had a lot of support from Mike.

One of their newest pieces of equipment they purchased is a gal named “Charlotte” – a phenomenal top of the line tree trimming apparatus they use to reach nearly 80 feet in the air to safely trim and treat their client’s trees and shrubs. There are only a handful of these in the entire city.

Phil said that fall and winter is a better time to have your trees trimmed than spring because in spring, the sap is coming back into the tree, and it is better for them in early fall or winter.

Phil is back on the Board of Directors after a brief hiatus and we look for great things coming from him and the 2018 group in future months. Thank you Phil for all you do for the Prospectors and the great causes you support.