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The Simplest of Life’s Lessons Years Ago Makes Their Mark in How You Can Pursue Your Dreams and Aspirations.

Remember when life was so much simpler than it is today. No internet, no cable. You spent time with family and friends. You talked at dinner. That simple life was so well depicted by artist Norman Rockwell.

Well, imagine that lifestyle in middle America – Newton, KS, where even at a young age, she was known as the tall blonde from Kansas. You see, Janet Stone who works for RE/MAX State Line Real Estate, lived the life Rockwell loved. Her parents exuded a hard work ethic with a dose of fun thrown in now and then. The youngest of four, she had mentors that taught her the ropes. She learned early on how to act, what to say, and matured at a very young age.

She loved working with people at an auto dealership. In fact, she had lots of great jobs in her early years. Janet also learned a lot about music. She could read, write, sing and perform some of the classics. This kept her busy many hours of the week.

Still young, she met her first husband and had a child. When they started school, Janet wanted to return to the workforce in a mechanical engineering firm. She worked by day, and began studying for her real estate license nights and weekends, as that was a passion that she had in the back of her mind – she knew she could sell homes!

She joined an ERA agency, and continued to grow as an agent for them. But she was not content doing this. She knew she could do better. Janet was just not happy. So she found out about a national real estate convention in Las Vegas and decided this would open other opportunities up to her. She was looking for answers there.

She ended up in KC, and interviewed with lots of agencies, but ended up liking what she found at RE/MAX. She has had ties to several agencies in greater Kc, but has ended up at RE/MAX. She is currently working out of the State Line offices (and at home).

Janet has raised several kids that she is so proud of. A Few years back, she met her current husband, Rich Coleman, and immediately fell in love. They make a great couple!

She then changed things up by discussing the current trends with real estate. Starting in downtown KC, there is not another location in the city growing faster than downtown KC. Rentals are booming, and with the addition of properties near the Power & Light District, there is not much room left for the little guy. It is hard to believe, but she said the market is running about $2800 a month for a 2BR/ 2 bath apartment in the heart of it all!

In comparison, the JoCo home market is quite different in scope. There is a high demand from younger home buyers that are experiencing low interest rates and low unemployment. This combination lead to an uptick in prices by as much as 7%, and that left a bad taste in the buyer’s mouth, but not in the seller’s!

Janet reminded us that sometimes selling a home has more serene, and less happy reasons for taking place. Anything from a death in the family, being transferred out of state, divorce, or career changes. Currently our local greater metro KC, the inventory of available quality homes is down nearly 17%. No doubt it has become a great seller’s market.

The last thing she told us was how it has become necessary to prepare a home to go onto the market, and Janet has worked hard on many occasions to accomplish the task of staging it – making sure there is enough furniture and other items to make it looked lived in, but not overpowering. She prides herself in getting a home ready for sale.

Thanks Janet for getting us caught up on what’s hot in KC, and for making someone’s dream become a reality. You are certainly one of the best.