Kyle Douglas

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Beautiful Outdoors
Address  :  1005 S. 12th St.
    Kansas City, KS 66105
Phone  :  913-406-8557
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Type of Industry :  Lawn and Landscaping Services
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Beautiful Outdoors is your complete outdoor service provider. We are family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on serving the entire KC area with experienced and educated staff. We construct exceptional exteriors, from design through completion we will help you create an outdoor extension to your home. We are experts with challenging projects with multiple elevations and drainage difficulties. We offer a wide range of landscape solutions to achieve your goals. From new home construction, remodel, or just one plant we can help. Beautiful Outdoors has a full-time staff waiting to help you with your outdoor needs year round. Please give us a call 913-406-8557 to contact us today to get started.

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Owner Kyle Douglas started Beautiful Outdoors with a push mower and blower in the summer of 1998. With hard work ethic and lots of long days he built up enough business to expand with a couple of employees and a few more machines. Owner: Kyle Douglas With his love for the outdoors he continued the business through high school, and paying his own way through college. Beautiful Outdoors has an office and warehouse with storage for all of our materials and equipment. Our ability to buy in bulk saves you, the customer, money.

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