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Alan Goodheart

Goodheart’s Jewelry 

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7040 West 105th St.
Overland Park, KS 66212

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Phone : 913-451-8334

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Industry: Jewelry and Custom Design

A Jeweler From Birth

When I was born, it was as if I had come into this world with a golden ring in my mouth.

As the son of jewelry store owners in Sedalia, MO, I spent what felt like every moment outside of school in my parents’ store. I lived, breathed, and learned nearly everything there was about the store—but I never truly knew what the heart of the business was. It wasn’t until I left corporate America in 1979 that I truly got to know what the jewelry industry was really all about.

That year, I began managing leased department store spaces selling jewelry. Within seven years, my brother and I opened our own store and continued the great traditions of Goodheart’s Jewelry.  Every day, we look forward to hearing that first phone call or greeting that first customer.

The Goodness of Goodheart’s Jewelry

We strive every day to make people happy. We want to make unique, one-of-a-kind products that people only imagined. We want to create the jewelry that stands for love, memories, and tradition.

In short, we want to make magical moments.