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Amber Sewell

Lutz Plumbing Inc. 

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21961 W. 83rd Street
Shawnee, KS 66227

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Phone : 913-888-9500

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Fax : 913-962-9293

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Industry: Plumbing

The Historical Value of Lutz

Even before I was born, the name “Lutz” stood for quality, service, and excellence in the Kansas City area.

My great grandfather started Lutz Plumbing in 1920, immediately establishing it as the most trusted and effective service in Kansas City. Over the next century, the business would pass down to my grandfather, my father, Jim, and finally me. Having grown up in an environment of tradition, family values, and service, I knew from the lessons from and the example set by my father that Lutz Plumbing would continue to provide exemplary value and service both through its business and its involvement in the community.

The Modern Value of Lutz

Today, as the oldest plumbing service in Kansas City, Lutz Plumbing employs Master Licensed plumbers at an affordable cost while maintaining the same character and passion that my great-grandfather first employed in 1920. I seek to set fair expectations, go above and beyond, and ensure every job gets completed to the fullest.

And most of all, I hope to teach everyone to never put pasta or potato peels down the sink drain.