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230 Main St.
Stillwell, KS 66085

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Phone : 913-317-8682

Industry: Photography

How Love Built Our Studio

In March 2006, after a few years spent with a Lawrence-based photographer, I (Amy) decided to open up theRYEstudio to give me the creative freedom I had long sought for myself and for my clients. The move only seemed natural, as I had done photography ever since my childhood. Things got even better a year later, when I met my future husband, Chase, who needed new head shots for his acting career.

After getting married in 2009, we realized that by combining our artistic talents and working together, we could grow the business into what it is now! Over a decade later, the studio continues to allow us to do what we love to this day and provide for our family of four!

What Ya See Is What Ya Get!

Owning our studio gives us the opportunity to do what we want, when we want, and however we want. We can have our children and pets play, we can bring clients over, and we can exercise complete creative freedom! It took many years of hard work, but it is a reminder of our commitment to each other and our shared dream of creating a fun, family studio people can enjoy and leave with lasting, memorable moments!

theRYEstudio provides high-end local photography for high school senior portraits, weddings, families, pets, and anything else a client needs a photograph for. We provide quality photography that captures the honesty, soul, and playful side of our guests. At theRYEstudio, what ya see is, and always will be, what ya get!