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Cliff O’Bryan

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A Lifetime of Work Through Friends

In my early professional life, I had always wanted to own my own business but did not have the capital. A friend recruited me to get into insurance, where I only needed living expenses while developing a book of clients. I underestimated the difficulty of the field, but stubbornness and a touch of stupidity saved the day.

Later, looking to give back to my community, I began serving for Reconciliation Services through another friend, Fr. David. Through Reconciliation Services, we were able to help the poor and the distress while forging friendships with people different from me.

Retired, But Not From Reconciliation Services

While I remain happily retired from the world of insurance, I continue to give back with my time and energy through Reconciliation Services. It gives me great joy to see those I help rise up out of their bad situations, giving me the energy to continue serving in this group. I have always sought to understand the individual so that I may give them exactly what they most need to solve their unique problems.