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12153 Charlotte
Kansas City, MO 64146

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Industry: Carpet Cleaning

Taking Over the Family Business

For the first part of my professional life, I worked as a mortgage banker until I started to doubt the stability of the market. I knew that, thanks to the efforts of my father, Milton Belzer, the family business of Belzer Carpet Cleaning had a strong, healthy reputation built upon thirty years of work. Seeking stability, I left the mortgage industry and took over the family business.

Interestingly enough, I quickly realized that our company had a dwindling customer base as many preferred hard flooring or had simply moved out of state. Placing a value on adaptability, I focused our cleaning services for loose rugs and other new areas.

The Core Values of Belzer Carpet Cleaning

What has not changed, however, is our focus on providing the right service for the right customer. We do not compromise our quality or our integrity, and we always act promptly and on time. Whether we are fixing entire carpets or rugs, we make sure your house looks far cleaner than you have ever seen it before.