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Darryl Hawkins 

Innovative Design & Renovation

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2 West 52nd St.
Kansas City, MO 64112

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Phone : 816-531-2221

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Industry: Architecture

My Architectural Background

I have learned and worked with architectural design since a very young age. Even though I went through my formal training, I got much of my education from life experiences, especially the reading, artistry, and photography I got to use. I have interacted with many types of people, traveled around the US and around the world, and have investigated many types of art and structure to build my design skill set in order to create some very dramatic designs.

An Inventor, Artist, and Explorer at Innovative Design

This education led to me becoming a hybrid Inventor, Artist, and Explorer. I founded Innovative Design & Renovation to provide my services on a professional level, finding a niche in creating unique spaces in older buildings and historic areas of Kansas City, especially the Crossroads and downtown. My efforts, thankfully, have paid off with nominations for Small Business of the Year three straight years and receiving the President’s Award from the KC-AIA in 2010. My interests today vary from writing about traveling to sailboat racing, but above all else, I hope to help my friends, customers, and peers discover the joys of life through building, creativity, and exploration.