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Das Hardin

Village Flower Company

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6978 Mission Road
Prairie Village, KS 66208

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Phone : 913-722-1325

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Fax : 913-722-1518

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Industry: Florist

Planting the Seed for Village Flower Company

The simple, natural act of watching leaves and flowers bloom in the spring after a cold winter planted the seeds for a career as a florist.

My mother, upon seeing this passion for plants and flowers, started having me care for our garden and plans at just ten years old. I then acquired a variety of part-time jobs dealing with plants to further refine this appreciation. In 1980, I made the biggest leap yet, focusing on fresh flowers with the launch of my current company, Village Flower Company.

The Value of Our Customers

Today, Village Flower Company relies on that same passion and excitement for flowers as it did nearly four decades ago. I have always sought to get to know my customers, remember their names, and understand what they or their spouses may be looking for so I can provide the best service possible.