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Dave Flessner

Mustard Seed

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7615 West 96th Terrace
Overland Park, KS 66212

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Phone : 913-433-3623

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Website : Dave Flessner

Industry: Business Development

Mustard Seed’s First Client

A few years ago, a client of mine didn’t even know if his business would make payroll.

Faced with uncertainty on where to generate revenue and leads, he reached out to me seeking help. Pulling from my background, I helped him land two of his company’s largest customers over the next few months, helping take his business from the brink of bankruptcy to a fully healthy, thriving business. Realizing that I could provide similar value to other folks, I started Mustard Seed in 2015 to help business owners find their next client.

A Clear Focus on the Customer

Mustard Seed thrives on helping businesses prospect, develop a plan for future growth, and understand their own clientele. We take into account a business’ needs, financials, and goals and then utilize our network and relationships to help them find the right partner. In short, no business should ever have to worry about who their next vendor will be—and with Mustard Seed, they don’t have to.