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Dolce Bakery

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3930 West 69th Terrace
Prairie Village, KS 66208

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Phone : 913-236-4411

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Industry: Bakery

A Family Secret Becomes Dolce Bakery

By 2007, I’d decided that some family secrets were just too good to be kept to ourselves.

My Aunt Cindy’s cinnamon rolls were at the top of our list!  I wanted my community to feel the same comfort and joy that my siblings and cousins and I felt as we devoured cinnamon rolls in our jammies. Two days before Thanksgiving in 2007, I opened Dolce Bakery. Twelve years later, we continue to provide joy to our community one mini cupcake or tiny gingersnap at a time.

Modern Products from Baking Traditions

Dolce Bakery is a modern expression of baking traditions. We bake from scratch with the purest ingredients. Our dedicated team churns out batch after batch of the best cakes, cupcakes, cookies, scones, and rolls in town!