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Janine Terstriep

The Decorative Touch Ltd.

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Located inside KC Surroundings
12730 State Line Road
Leawood, KS 66209

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Phone : 913-219-7333 cell

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Industry: Interior Design

A Decorator Since Day One

When my parents wanted to decorate the house, they didn’t turn to a professional designer or to each other—they turned to me, the little kid who would arrange furniture when they left me alone. I clipped items from Sears catalogues for ideas and drew furniture arrangements on paper in my free time.

This passion slowly evolved over the years, reaching a crescendo with design courses in college and the chance to work on my own spaces and others. At some point, it occurred to me that for as much time as I committed to this passion, I should make it my full-time endeavor.

Shortly after, Decorative Touch was found.

The Daily Focus of Decorate Touch

Decorate Touch today always focuses on listening, acting with kindness, and living up to our word. We want to provide the same kind of personalized touch I gave my mom’s house, and we always seek to keep spaces updated, customized, and unique. However someone may want their house arranged, we make sure Decorative Touch can generate the right feelings for that particular space.