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5124 Horton St
Mission, KS 66202

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Phone : 913-927-1113

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Industry: Personal Training and Yoga Instructor

A Calling Through Proper Balance

In 2006, my mental energy had all but run out.

Though I had devoted time to teaching fitness classes and exercised regularly, the strength of my spirit was fading under the grind, bad management, and monotony of the corporate world. One day, after feeling particularly invigorated by a yoga class, I asked myself why I hadn’t tried making a living by doing something I love.

Within weeks, Jennifer Shelton Balance was born.

How Jennifer Shelton Balance Maximizes Your Potential

As a health and fitness coach, my job is to help you become a healthier version of yourself without overwhelm or burnout.

No matter where you are in life — no matter how busy or stressed you may be — I can help you find and maintain the balance that works best for you!