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Jim Bell

James D. Bell, CPA, LLC

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601 N. Mur-len Road, Ste. 2B
Olathe, KS 66062

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James D. Bell CPA, LLC

Industry: Certified Public Accounting

The Beginning of James D. Bell, CPA, LLC

In 2012, I faced a tough situation. I had been laid off at American Century in 2008 after being out of public accounting for eight years and spent the ensuing four years working for small firms and a partnership, but I wanted something more. So, I took a major risk—I jumped from that partnership to open my own one-man shop, even though I did not have enough clients to justify the move.

Although the risk seemed too great for some, I had faith that my experience, belief in listening and empathizing in each individual, and determination would help me pull through. I had spent twelve years in sales before taking another risky leap to get a master’s in accounting, starting a career that spanned KPMG, American Century, and Main Street. If I had successfully navigated that, I believed I could do this.

The Approach of James D. Bell, CPA, LLC

Today, I feel fortunate to say that James D. Bell, CPA, LLC continues to operate as the one-person firm I had hoped it would remain. I seek to tailor my process to every individual, understand what makes them unique, and create a plan that best helps their financial goals and expectations. No matter the challenge and no matter the risk, I feel prepared to handle it.