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Justin Vise


Vise Financial

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5925 Nall Avenue

Mission, KS 66202

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Phone : 913-253-6629

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Type of Industry: Accountant – CPA

My Professional Focus

I’m Justin Vise, and after spending 20 years as a CPA at some of the largest firms in town, I decided to develop a different kind of CPA firm for two primary reasons. First and foremost is my commitment to my family. I personally made the decision to be more available for my wife and two beautiful little girls. In doing so, I’ve focused less on my own bottom line and more on my firm’s client capacity. Operating at less than capacity has achieved my second objective of providing prompt, proactive service that has been sorely lacking from CPAs in recent years. Calls are returned, and clients are not left worrying about their situation due to an absentee CPA. This is what you should demand and what you deserve from your service provider.

Background and Experience

I bring more than 20 years of public tax accounting experience to my own firm. My clients include individuals. Fortune 500 international companies and everyone in between.

I began my career at Big 4 international accounting firms and the second half with regional and national CPA firms before starting Vise Financial in June 2021. My primary focus is tax compliance, planning, and consulting for entrepreneurs and privately held businesses.