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Kevin Boehringer

BSE Structural Engineers, LLC 

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11320 West 79th St.
Lenexa, KS 66214

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Phone : 913-492-7400

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Fax : 913-438-3773

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Industry: Structural Engineering

The Seeds of BSE Structural Engineers, LLC

In 1997, after spending three and a half years in the harsh winters of Detroit, Michigan, I yearned to come home while continuing my budding structural engineering career. I met my now-business partner, Steve Busey, upon returning home, laying the seeds for us to start BSE Structural Engineers. Although Steve took the leap first in 1998, four years later, I jumped on board and have never looked back.

The Portfolio and Values of BSE Structural Engineers, LLC

BSE Structural Engineers has overseen the design of thousands of buildings across the United States, including our own space in 2015. We take great pride in the extensive base of repeat clients that we have, but we also seek to provide a positive, strong first impression for our new clients. With us having the fortune of being in growth mode since the company’s inception, we look forward to designing many thousands more buildings across America while remaining agile and adaptable to modern trends.