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Kyle Douglas

Beautiful Outdoors 

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1005 S. 12th St.
Kansas City, KS 66105

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Phone : 913-406-8557

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Industry: Lawn and Landscaping Services

The Beginning of Beautiful Outdoors

In May of 2000, I had a sudden thought occur to me—I loved both hard work and the outdoors, so I should combine the two together for my career.

With a push mower and a blower, long days, and a little bit of patience, my volume of business slowly began to scale. Eventually, I added more employees, more machines, and more clients. I was even able to pay my way through college with the business. Before I knew it, my work had become a complete company in Beautiful Outdoors.

The Services of Beautiful Outdoors

Beautiful Outdoors continues to strive to provide the greatest value while retaining a high-quality feel. Even if someone does not have an extensive knowledge of outdoor landscaping and lawn maintenance, I strive to understand their general vision so that I can give them exactly what they need. Beautiful Outdoors serves all sorts of lawns, renovations, and new homes.