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Michael Nixon

Assisted Living Locators

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11001 W 141st Street
Overland Park, KS 66221

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Phone : 913-538-5435

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Type of Industry: Owner/Eldercare Advisor

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Living in Pittsburgh for my first 30m years and then moving six times in the next ten is exciting but takes a toll. So after relocating to KC for the second time in 2008, we never left. Realizing that we found a great place to raise a family, we put down roots in Overland Park; now what? Following many years in retail and sales positions, I found an opportunity to be my boss. A dream come true but also a big step into the unknown. So I took a leap of faith and purchased a franchise in 2017.

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Assisted Living Locators Kansas City is a professional Senior Care Advisory service. I am the person who can help seniors and their families determine the best course of action for their Golden Years. In addition, I can help answer all the questions that come up…

  • Can I stay in my home
  • Is it time to move
  • What types of senior living are there
  • How are they different
  • How much do they cost
  • What is included
  • Will I have to move again

Under the best of circumstances, these decisions are tough, but they are usually made at times when people are under tremendous stress. I can provide answers to these questions and provide a solution. Of course, the pressure doesn’t go away, but at least we have a plan instead of questions. The best part is my service is free to the client.