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Mike Kopplin

Kopplin’s Wardrobe Management and Design 

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13725 Bond St.
Overland Park, KS 66221

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Phone : 913-927-3482

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Fax : 913-897-0313

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Industry: Men’s Clothing & Wardrobe Design

A Focus on People

Selling books door to door in college and then selling office equipment taught me a valuable lesson—focusing on people instead of profits made for a much better strategy.

This strategy came to the forefront a few years into my time selling office equipment when I got the opportunity to switch over to a company which sold men’s apparel. I enjoyed working with successful business executives and owners who needed someone who knew what they were doing quickly. Through this business, I became so enamored with the industry that I started my own firm, Kopplin’s Wardrobe Management & Design.

Trust and Value from Kopplin’s 

Today, I still remember the value of putting people first from my days going door to door. This has allowed my business to grow through word of mouth, recommendations, and networking. Because of this, the business continues to grow, having had its greatest year in 2018. I seek to become everyone’s most trusted advisor when it comes to wardrobe maintenance.