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17232 W 157th Street
Olathe, KS 66062

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Industry: Floor Covering

A Case Study of Advanced Interiors’ Values

During one of our largest remodeling projects for one of our most consistent referral partners, we ran into an issue that ultimately demonstrated the values and principles I strive to have Advanced Interiors live by.

During the initial discovery phase, we noticed an overhead I-beam was going to interfere with space design plans. I met with the owners and the design team and recommended that the I-beam, rather than be removed at an exorbitant cost, be included as a feature rather than a hindrance. We installed and field-finished the inner part of the I-beam with the same walnut flooring product installed throughout the space, and then let the remainder have an application of a hammered, metallic-looking paint. Whatever was left was wrapped with drywall and painted. This modification saved $14,000 and won the owner a national “Best Kitchen” award.

The Mentality of Advanced Interiors

As an entrepreneur, I see obstacles not as difficulties but opportunities. I seek to mastermind with my network on tough challenges for ways to turn an obstacle into a feature, and through this, we can provide the highest level of service and support to my peers and my customers alike.