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Rod Foster


Direct Sales Leader

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12839 W. 173rd Terrace
Overland Park, KS 66221

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Phone : 913-486-3714

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Fax : 913-486-3714

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Industry: Credit Card Processor

My Start with BancCard

In 2005, I had the opportunity to start and build a new territory and district for Banc Card in the Kansas City area. Since that time, I have built up a strong territory for myself in Kansas. I have also built-up territories that include 2 relationship managers in the Kansas city and surrounding Missouri areas, a relationship manager person that covers the Springfield, Missouri area, as well as a relationship manager covering northwest and central Arkansas. I manage this area called the Jayhawk district, which consists of myself and 4 relationship managers. Within the district we currently service over 2000 business customers and we partner with 43 different banks and credit unions.

My Values Through BancCard

Today, through my BancCard business, I have built many strong, lasting relationships with business partners ranging from banks and credit unions to business and franchise owners. I strive to place an emphasis and priority on the relationships that I have built, ahead of any profit or revenue, as I believe those come naturally from a healthy relationship. I also strive to provide great service and honesty, even when this is not the norm in the credit card processing industry.

Most of all, though, I love to provide the local Kansas City touch, something very much appreciated by owners and banks in the area alike.