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800 East 101st Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64131

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Industry: Mergers & Acquisitions

The Beginning of my M&A Career

In 2002, I had the good fortune to sell a business I owned for a profit, drawing interest from my friends who needed help selling a distressed business for a profit. As I took on each project, I discovered that I really enjoyed the challenge and the reward of helping someone create a plan to achieve their dream, execute that process, and then finally exit the business and leave a legacy. I also discovered there were multiple ways to do things, but it all came back to understanding each individual’s “why.”

My Core Values

Today, as the founder of Legacy Mergers & Acquisitions, I strive to help every business owner that comes to me achieve their own goal. I always encourage them to plan out as far in advance, the better so they can reduce risk, build value, and harvest wealth. This comes from a foundation of trust and honesty, something that I strive to provide by getting to know all of my clients both on a professional and a personal level.