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16370 West 138th Terrace
Olathe, KS 66062

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Industry: Life and Leadership Coaching

Choosing to “Live Like You Mean It!”

Two decades ago, I faced a critical life choice. My parents had poor health and needed my presence, but that meant leaving behind twenty years of teaching French. Placing family first, I devoted my attention to my family, but I soon developed the itch to get back into teaching and helping others.

One night, I saw an advertisement for a local Tony Robbins-style ministry and decided to give it a shot. I instantly became smitten. Two years later, I opened my life coaching practice, Live Like You Mean It!, and felt right back at home teaching and helping individuals on both a local, in-person level and an international, virtual level.

The Power of “Live Like You Mean It!”

Through this business, I can help bring an individual’s creativity and leadership to their team and their business to life. I can increase trust, reduce conflict, and show the way for individuals to find a level of fulfillment they never thought possible. In short, I help bring a person’s “bigness to the business” by helping them locate, love, and leverage their creativity and leadership.

All people have this potential—they just need the encouragement to discover it.