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Stephanie Cocherl

CrossFirst Bank 

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4435 Main Street, Suite 1100
Kansas City, MO 64111

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Phone : 816-392-5991

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Fax : 816-569-5506

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Industry: Business Banking

From Fast Food to Business Banking

In December 1995, I got my foot in the banking world by using, of all things, my fast food experience.

Although I’d spend many bad hours in worn-out uniforms handling way too much grease, I also had plenty of cash handling experience, which landed me my first role as a teller. I devoted myself to this job, working my way up the commercial side of the bank over the next eight years before eventually focusing exclusively with business clients. Then, in 2010, I began working on the sales side, customizing products and services to streamline payables and receivables for companies and non-profits of all sizes.

A Personalized Approach With CrossFirst Bank

Today, I have learned to place a heavy emphasis on healthy, professional relationships with my clients. I make sure to listen to the individual needs of every client and prospect to better recommend products and services based on that information, helping to nurture a strong relationship. I care greatly about all of my clients and love helping them meet their goals with my service.