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Vivek Dayal

Phone Tech Communications, Inc 

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6004 West 146th St.
Overland Park, KS 66223

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Phone : 913-345-0437

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Fax : 913-469-1707

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Industry: Unified Communications, Internet, and Cyber Security

Starting a Business to Better Help Customers

In 1990, while working for a telecommunications company, a critical thought struck me that would change my career trajectory—I realized I could better help customers on my own.

Based on this thought, I started Phone Tech Communications to help those customers to the highest level with the best products and services they needed, including Hosted VOIP phone systems, phone lines, high speed internet, cloud services, and a variety of telecom services. 

Phone Tech Communications, Inc’s Services

To this day, this company continues with services for small to mid-sized businesses and enterprises. We offer free consultation services to make sure we make sure the fit is mutually beneficial and economically viable for the client.

We take great pride in treating all of our customers equally, as one of our smallest early customers has since become one of our largest customers. We do all that we can to help that growth by providing efficient services that best meet the specific needs of each individual and each business.